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2. Tom Thickett

Tom Thickett ____ Illustrator


︎ @tom_thickett

          So my name is Tom, I'm a Yorkshire based Illustrator and graphics artists, I do a small amount of animation but that's something I'm currently trying to teach myself more about. I have quite a basic but intense creative practise where I work mainly with pen and ink, doing the bulk of my work by hand, then using digital programmes towards the final stages of producing work.

Right now my focus is telling stories. Whether it's a single scene in one image or a whole comic, I'm just trying to tell strange stories about the human experience. I care so much about the lowest and the highest points of what we recognise as life and I’m constantly attempting to mix that with outright obscurity and melancholy to try make something really captivating to look at, and read that echoes real life in some way.