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7. Sophie Jouvenaar

Sophie Jouvenaar ____ Photographer + Founder of Mouse Agency


︎ @sophiejouvenaar        ︎ Sophie’s Website
            I'm a photographer who works predominantly with musicians and have been freelancing between Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield for the past 3 years, producing photographic content for the local bands and musicians in the cities. It is so important to me that myself and the subject gain a level of trust in one another, allowing for ideas to be bounced back and forth and for genuine personalities to shine through the photographs, I value honesty in my work and best of all, honesty means having a good giggle as an integral part of my process.

I have 3 years of experience in Adobe Lightroom (CC 2020), allowing me to be expressive with my exploration of colour and light in an image, which is a part of the image-making process that I thoroughly enjoy - it comes with an ease that I wish painting came with... Digital painting for the inept.

I’ve met countless local heros with characters of solid gold which is what makes photography so exciting for me; my favourite thing is going to Hyde Park Book Club (Leeds) and chatting to strangers just long enough for them to no longer be strangers in my life, connecting over a laugh and maybe a pint or two. The endless amount of people photographed who’ve become beloved friends is astounding and so precious, so hey... why not come for a coffee and let’s take some photos!