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Ollie Haggart

︎ @ollie_haggart    ︎ @smokozine

Eyyup! Ollie Haggart here - writer and co-founder of 'SMOKO', the loosely labelled alternative music zine.

SMOKO was originally set up as a way to combine my passion for music and writing, but has stemmed into a wonderful family of our readers, contributors and artists. On top of releasing the zine, we often host 'SMOKO Presents' gigs and parties - our chance to showcase our favourite upcoming bands and have a good old boogie.

I also run 'Shitegeist', a pay what you like collaborative zine that aims to tackle different shite bits of society in each issue - all money raised going to related charities. Featuring art, writing, photography - or any other form of creativity, I am always happy to promote and celebrate other's creativity!

For both projects, collaboration is key; so whether you'd like music promoted through writing or live shows, or you're keen on seeing your work raise money for charity, get in touch!