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MAMA ____ Multidisciplinary Artist


︎ @mamaillustration

            MAMA is a multidisciplinary artist, specialising in drawn and painted illustrations. MAMA’s work relies heavily on personal experience, however tenuous the visual link may seem. On a surface level, typically her work is silly in a way which is reminiscent of earlier Beano illustrations and such comic characters, however there is a great weight of subjects such as mental health behind every piece. Usually you will find paintings and larger passion pieces to be unexplained, instead you are encouraged to project your own perception and emotions upon the images presented to you. Although if you are abject to this, you are able to just enjoy the frivolous and abstract nature of the work.

Graduating from Leeds Arts University BA (Hons) Illustration in 2019, MAMA has since been working to grow her own business. Currently hosting an independent website selling screen printed t-shirts and digital prints, MAMA is a keen business woman and reliable custom art-worker. She loves to discuss art with other creatives, be it musicians, artworkers or performers, and works strongly as a collaborator. MAMA thrives in an organised creative environment with a strong direction.

Other skills include modelling and art direction for photography; a passion hobby involving close collaborations and wacky photoshop edits. MAMA was originally born as a drag performer and bio-queen, however having since said goodbye to the stage lights has instead taken to performing to a camera, turning drawn characters and imagery into the real life perspective. MAMA is also a hands on worker, enjoying the methodical process of screen printing and larger, often textured artworks on wood. She also dabbles in makeup, predominantly drag, and costume curation.

MAMA values hilarity within the art world, hoping to inspire others to be open in a safe, silly environment. Sometimes life can be hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny!