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1. Lucy Badger

Lucy Badger ____ Visual Artist


︎ @goosebadger

           My name is Lucy Badger, I am a visual artist from Edinburgh, based primarily in London. I specialise in photography, portraiture and filmmaking. After completing my foundation degree in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins this year, I will be continuing my work at the London College of Communication to study Film Practice. I like bright colours, playful concepts and working with other artists and publications to help them discover a visual language.

My work often explores themes of heightened femininity and experiences of girlhood, as well as campier, darker themes with more social commentary. I like to work with a variety of mediums and using these to continue an artist relationship – for example with the work I have done with singer-songwriter Joshua Grant over the past year.

I have experience working around companies such as Sky and See-Saw films and have short course qualifications from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the National Youth Film Academy. Yet, I am looking to expand my experiences working more fluidly with young, independent creatives.