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4. Kiran Crampton

Kiran Crampton ____ Filmmaker


︎ @kiran_crampton

            Recent graduate of MMU with a 1st in Filmmaking. I am looking for any creative projects to inject my enthusiasm and effort in to, having finished uni. Honestly, I just want to sink my teeth into anything remotely creative. I will do anything film or story related and would love the chance to work with any other young creatives on bigger projects.

I love cinematography, editing, storytelling and anything else remotely related to film or moving image. Having primarily worked on narrative shorts in university, it might be nice to branch out into more arty and unusual films as it is very creatively fulfilling and there are less restrictions in terms of traditional film rules.

Having said that please throw anything you can at me, as long as it’s not boring.

Okay even if it’s boring.