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George Hustwick

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Hi my name is George and I am a digital artist focussing on live manipulation. Whether it’s concert projections, gallery installations, or experimental analogue set ups I’m your man. I work in the themes of digitalism and conscious art; using the imagery, textures, and mediums of an artwork to discuss and interpret the social perspectives on how we perceive the world around us.

As we evolve into a point in which technology is developing faster than we are, how do we keep up? Using a mix of analogue and digital technology I aim to create a visual landscape apt to your own unique style, which can be used for theming social media, promotional videos, music videos, or projected live at gigs, installations and other events.

I work in event videography, filming live concerts for the likes of CLOCK DVA, Giant Swan, AJA, and exhibitions for Manchester Art Gallery, The Holden Gallery and with Manchester based visuals team IMPATV. I love fly-on-the-wall filmmaking, happy to jump on any behind the scenes shoots or experimental installations, the weirder the better!

George Hustwick, MP Electoral Candidate for the Shipley Constituency 2024

“You can do my job better than me” - Philip Davies