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2. Fin Sales

Fin Sales ____ Photographer


︎ @finlay_peggy

            I'm Fin Sales and I'm a gobby and queer photographer/visual artist from London. In my work, I discuss topics such as classism, injustice as well as mental health and many more things in the work that piss me off (Tories). I like to be almost uncomfortably honest with everyone viewing my art. Whether it's kids filled with lust and love, or sweaty 17 year olds screaming about Ket and Nigel Farage (wanker) My work is real, honest.

My work is for the People and I fucking hope they like it.

Thanks Grandad.

I do not consider myself a commercial photographer. I'm a street photographer, only in black and white and I cannot direct models and subjects. Instead I’ll talk, have a laugh, use your toilet, and just take shots whenever it feels right. I've worked with bands such as Ladybird, Smile, Scowl and Bruise. Id love to work with other punk artists but also artists such as grime artists and classical musicians,  live and for promotional work.