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5. Ewan Barr

Ewan Barr ____ Designer


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            Ewan is a Leeds based multidisciplinary artist, specialising in all things design, real-time visual performance & video production. Primarily working with analogue processes, everything is made in actuality, so there’s a hard copy of everything rather than just a digital file. Interested in Fluxus & Dada art; he revels in the practice of reappropriating objects and documents, and producing new contexts through manipulation.

Having worked with New York based record label Captured Tracks, as well as Leeds musicians Van Houten & Honey Guide, he considers a variety of different mediums until the desired outcome is found.

“I want each piece to be in a world of their own and you accomplish that with coherent art and a cohesive message.”

Working with regular collaborator Mitchell Dilley, Ewan began to take an interest in VJing [a broad expression for real-time visual performance], using an analogue video mixing desk for live performances with his band; Fehlt.

“For me the blend of visuals and music form a very specific atmosphere and is something I’d like to keep expanding on further; I’m always working on new visuals, and try to keep each showing unique.”

Aside from freelancing and playing as part of Leeds band Fehlt, Ewan studies Graphic Design at Leeds Arts University.