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Ed Murden

︎ @spookyelvis_

Ever since my year eight teacher showed my class The Elephant Man I knew that I had to make movies, the stranger the better. I’m Manchester based writer, filmmaker and twilight scholar, I dare you to step into the ring with me.

I have a passion for stories, whether it’s narrative songs, photographs, movies or books I can’t get enough of them. When I can find the time I write articles about the ideas I encounter in the hopes of understanding them better. I am interested in doing more directing but a lot of my experience is in writing, as a scriptwriter I have worked across a number of genres from horror and dark comedies to sentimental war films.

For me it isn’t about genre or any particular style, if I think the ideas good I will use anything to get it across, whether it needs crude jokes, sickly sweet moments or outrageous gore.

Personally, I am interested in transformation, usually physical which has recently led me to write and direct a body horror movie, but also personal and social change which makes political film something that I’d like to pursue in the future. I want to work on projects that make people look at familiar things differently and hopefully come to some new exciting conclusions.