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Catherine Jablonski

︎ @catherine_jablonski_       ︎ Catherine’s Website

Through my art I explore the horror in the landscapes, and the beast and creatures that live in it, witches, vampires, ghosts. I’m fascinated by these folktales surrounding them, of wives tales, of myths and legends, and the stories that stain modern day and we are told growing up. My work takes influence from the history of horror films, I like working in the camp B movie style, low budget, taking influence in the art direction lighting and costume.

I’m inspired by Carnival of souls, the Hammer Dracula's, and even more contemporary B movies such as house of 1000 corpses - I think the greatest film ever made is Herzog's version of Nosferatu and An American Werewolf in London.  I would love to create more work that uses practical effects and I like to use analog methods, such as super 8 as well as 35mm film for portraits, but I enjoy working digitally as well. I'm interested in using animation and mixed media filmmaking and I’m currently working with 16mm leader with paint and scratching to create analog visuals that follow a horror narrative style, which I would love to do more in the future.