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8. Callum Casey

Callum Casey ____ Photographer + Videographer


︎ @callumcaseyphotos

I am a 22-year-old Filmmaker and Photographer who has recently relocated from Ireland to Leeds and I am keen to get stuck into creating straight away.

Having studied Film Theory in University College Cork, I quickly got bored of the theoretical and began to create my own work. Starting with my first short film that I created at 18, which was chosen as an official selection in several national film festivals in Ireland, I have gone from strength to strength as a filmmaker.

Working as a solo freelancer, I have, by necessity, became a sort of one-man band, acting as my own director, gaffer, cinematographer, editor, etc…. While this sounds, and is, stressful, it has given me a wide range of skills and a deep appreciation for all areas of the filmmaking process.

My work is rooted in an eclectic mix of digital and analogue, a DIY ethos and above all a good sense of humour. I love meeting new artists and creating a piece of work that captures their sound and personality, while also putting my own twist to it. Coming from a working-class background, I believe deeply in the democratisation of art and creating work that celebrates smaller artists and everyday beauty.

My photography work branched out from my music video work and quickly became another passion for life. Having started taking gig photos as a favour I quickly found myself taking more and more, eventually growing into promotional work, portraits, and everything in between.

My photography inspirations are Graeme Oxby and Bruce Davidson.

My favourite film is Scooby Doo (2002).

Give me a shout and let’s make something cool.