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8. Becky McGillivray

Becky McGillivray ____ Multidisciplinary Designer


︎ @becky.mcgillivray            ︎  Becky’s Website

            As an Manchester based image maker I distort the boundaries of Illustration and Graphic Design by combining collage, type, shape and texture with an ad-hoc approach. Working for musicians to produce all kinds of media from album artwork to logos is my bread and butter - the most exciting kind of project.

Collage is at the core of my practice. I collect and recycle found materials to produce contemporary visuals that respond to the brief I’ve been set’. My skills lie in bringing various elements together to create something awesome. Over the course of my freelance career I’ve produced images for KEYMAG, a music publication and website as well as album artwork for various clients.

Recently I’ve begun working with spray paint and produced a really colourful body of work for a band called ‘Gunk’. Experimentation is a huge part of the creative process for me and always leads to professional results.

My visual language is really versatile and can adapt to respond to the boundaries your clients set out to me, producing something they can be really proud of and feels synonymous with their vision and sound. I’m incredibly eager to support creatives starting out in the music industry with my work!