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5. Aimee Rhiann

Aimee Rhiann ____ Journalist


︎ @aimeerhiann

            Hi, I’m Aimee. I am a journalist based in Manchester.

Primarily, I am focused on ‘alternative’ music journalism and write about this for a magazine I co-run called SMOKO. Since beginning 2 years ago, SMOKO has had 4 physical issues and we have recently got down with the kids and gone online, where over 15 contributors can write and have their articles published on our website. As well as our physical magazines and website, SMOKO also host gigs in Sheffield, hoping to expand to other Northern cities in the near future.

As well as music, I also write a lot about sex & relationships.

The Shag Mag is a platform for which I write about sex and relationships in a VERY casual way. There are a significant lack of people in their early 20s writing about sex in a wholly accessible way where the aim is to specifically not intimidate readers, but to share stories and create a dialogue around topics that may be seen as uncomfortable or taboo. And that is what I aim to do with The Shag Mag. Shagging is nothing to be ashamed of.

I have a very casual approach to ‘what journalism is’ and would love the opportunity to do more writing and magazine design in general. So whether you’re a band looking for some promotion in the form of a terribly unprofessionally conducted and written interview, or a shagging connoisseur wanting to share your beliefs on tantric masturbation, whatever the topic really, give me a shout.